If you are looking to leverage the power of AI to grow your business FAST...

Ai-ify™ Your Content

Write ONE Month of High Converting Content in under an hour without losing your authenticity!

FINALLY... a simple way to generate high converting content without high pressure sales tactics, losing your authenticity, or losing hours learning the newest AI Tool.

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Get instant access to the New Ai Super Prompt PLUS these step-by-step training videos and plug & play prompts and templates...


The NEW Ai Super Prompt

Organic Social Optimizer

High Converting Content Calendar

Video Marketing Blueprint

Camera Equipment Basics

Humanize Your Content - The Non AI Guide to Social Selling



Ai Zombie content leads to Zombie Clients... who don't want to buy! STOP IT!

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But MOLLY... I thought AI was the

Secret Sauce?


You are a unique amazing authentic HUMAN.

Why on earth would you create AI content to REPLACE you?

Instead... use AI as a companion for creating content that honors who you are as a HUMAN and respects your potential clients and customers enough to know THEY ARE HUMANS TOO. ??

This newly updated version of the Ai Super Prompt will allow you to Ai-ify™ Your Content without losing the most important aspect of your brand... YOU!

The trick is... we weave who you are into the mix but it doesn't require you to write a bagillion posts or record a million videos.

Ai does the heavy lifting so you can focus on what you love!

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Ai-ify™ Your Content

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Seriously.... What would just ONE month of high converting content be worth to you and your business?

Don't pass up this limited time offer to save yourself time, money and headaches.

The Ai-ify™ Your Content is the simplest, quickest and easiest way of generating your content that will measurably move your business forward in short sharp order.

It's like pressing a FAST-FORWARD button that instantly accelerates your audience, generates you more leads and prospects AND... the number of NEW clients every single month.

Don't dither, delay or procrastinate on this -- that's for average mediocre people not entrepreneurs like YOU!

Here's Everything you get Inside The Ai-ify™ Your Content When you sign up TODAY

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Want to see the magic happen...

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Meet Molly Mahoney...

Creator of Ai-ify™ Your Content

After creating a video that reached 1,000,000 people organically,Molly developed her “Go Live And Monetize” method helping businesses to get clients with video.

By staying ahead of trends like AI and Chatbots, she stays on the cutting edge of what is coming next so her clients can make the most out of this rapidly changing space.

Combining her social media expertise, and twenty years of performance experience on stages from New York to Las Vegas, her most recent viral video hit a reach of 39 million!

Molly has been featured by Be.live, ManyChat, Social Media Marketing World, Traffic & Conversion Summit, Perry Belcher, Rich Schefren's Steal our Winners, Inc magazine, Forbes, Entrepreneur and more.

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The AI Super Prompt Power Pack...

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AI Super Prompt & Planner:

Streamline your content creation process with the SuperPrompt Planner, your ultimate tool for generating content ideas and maintaining a consistent posting schedule. This planner is designed to help you save valuable time, enabling you to write an entire month's worth of compelling content in just an hour. It's the perfect solution for busy entrepreneurs who want to stay on top of their social media game without the stress of last-minute brainstorming.

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High Converting Content Calendar:

Elevate your content strategy with the High Converting Content Calendar. This carefully designed calendar allows you to strategically plan and organize your content, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your business goals. It's the key to maximizing engagement and driving sales effectively. With this calendar, you can visualize your content strategy in a way that fosters growth and increases your online impact.

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Video Marketing


Unlock the power of live video with our Video Marketing Blueprint™. This comprehensive guide provides step-by-step instructions on creating engaging and authentic live video content that resonates with your audience. It's tailored to help you leverage live video for genuine engagement, growing your audience organically, and enhancing your brand's online presence. Embrace the dynamic world of live streaming and connect with your audience in real-time.

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Camera Equipment Tips:

Demystify the world of video and photo equipment with our Camera Equipment Basics guide. This resource breaks down the essentials of camera equipment, making it easy for you to produce high-quality visual content, even without a professional setup. It's designed to empower you with the knowledge and confidence to create visually stunning content that captivates your audience and sets your brand apart.

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Humanize Your Content Course:

Bring a personal touch to your social media strategy with "Humanize Your Content - The Non AI Guide to Social Media." This guide offers valuable insights into creating content that fosters genuine human connections. Learn how to build trust, enhance brand loyalty, and create a community around your brand. This resource is key for those looking to make a meaningful impact and stand out in the digital landscape.

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Ultimate Guide to Social Selling

This comprehensive guide is the cornerstone for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to navigate the world of social media selling with ease and effectiveness. It covers everything from crafting a compelling social media strategy to engaging with your audience in a way that converts followers into loyal customers. Whether you're new to social media marketing or looking to refine your existing strategy, this guide is an invaluable resource for achieving remarkable results in your digital sales endeavors.

Total Value: $2,385

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Camera Confidence: Mini Course to help you Get Confident On Camera

Camera Confidence: Mini Course to help you Get Confident On Camera

Upgrade your Ai-ified Content by adding in more of YOU. Get confident on camera with the tricks that sustained my 20+ year career as a professional performer and actress. 
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5 Quick ChatBOT Strategies to Instantly Drive More Sales

5 Quick ChatBOT Strategies to Instantly Drive More Sales

Jump in and learn These 5 Quick ChatBOT Strategies to Instantly Drive More Sales on IG and FB. Video PLUS TEMPLATES you can click and use right away.
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Offers that Convert (Launch Your Online Biz)

Offers that Convert (Launch Your Online Biz)

Turn your ideas, skills and passion into a profitable online business! Discover how to create offers that sell like crazy with our unique Money Map process and more.
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