LuLaRoe Bot Party

Feel like NO ONE is seeing your notifications? Hear Crickets on your live streams? Let us help you create a Chatbot that will allow you to create notifications your customers actually open!


In This Live Workshop on July 6th at 2pm PST You Will:

Testimonials - Here's what other LLR consultants have to say about working with Molly.

"To say Molly has helped my business is an understatement - she brought life to my dreams and helped me make an action plan to achieve my goals. Without her intuitive guidance, I would be making blind stabs in the dark - she helps me pinpoint the best tactics to achieve the results I want. Molly has provided me with a new business mindset - it's not just about selling leggings. It's about solving people's problems, establishing myself as an authority, and making sure every single action has a purpose. I'm SO GRATEFUL for her guidance and and bubbly love as I watch my business blossom! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! If you're a small business owner or just have an idea for a side hustle that you want to bring to life - hit Molly up. She holds up a mirror to you and lets you see how great your ideas are! And best of all she helps you set them into action!"

"I have been enrolled in Molly's programs and I am beyond impressed. I am very comfortable doing live video, but I thought I would enroll just to see if I could enhance my Facebook live videos. I love that right out of the gate Molly pushes the class to think outside the box about their businesses. I gained a new perspective on my brand and the value I can provide as a business owner. The next portion of the class has been dedicated to refining our live videos, giving them a cleaner, more professional look. Because of the Camera Confidence class, I feel much more confident about my business and have a thorough understanding of what my personal brand represents and how that can transcend live videos."

“We have been successful in our business for the past year but we recently noticed something needed to change. I contacted Molly and it was super clear quickly we have had the shotgun pattern approach to our business and were not focused. Molly has helped us understand who our ideal customer is and how we need to communicate with them. Molly is like having a powerful microscope that gives us so much focus and strategy on how to reach even more customers. She has been such a blessing to our business and life. The insight we now have is 1 million times better than before we stated working with Molly. Last week had our biggest sale yet and the interaction on our business page and group are thought the roof!” Sales have increased by over $10k a month!

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