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What if you had a clear step by step process to...

Find exactly the right type of online business for you so you aren't stuck in decision paralysis and waiting for "someday" to get your business going?

Identify the simple actions to take every day to quickly grow your business so you're never spinning around confused about what to do?

Discover your "money map" and how to reach your financial goals in a way that works for you (even if this is your "side hustle" or part-time focus as you get started)?

Know exactly what to say (and where to find the potential customers to talk with) to close sales so you've got an offer people are excited to say yes to?

Hi, I'm Molly Mahoney and I've got great news for you...

Getting Clients Online Doesn't Require Paid Ads Or Complicated Funnels

There's a very simple way to start your online business, have fun and make more money without guru-marketing or high pressure sales tactics.

I know because it's not only the process I used myself but what hundreds of my clients have done (and you can, too).

There are three simple steps to launching your online business and after endless requests I finally decided to offer a program for people who want to get started online: Offers that Convert.

Because if you've got an offer that'll sell... you can be successful online!

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If you don't know me yet, I moved from NYC to So-Cal to get married and raise my two boys. I knew I wanted to build a business that gave me flexibility and financial stability to take my family on an amazing adventure of a life.

I established myself as a sought after local performance coach, but I hit walls in trying to really expand my business online. I didn't know how to bring in the leads and clients who really needed what I had to offer.

I was tired, overworked, trying to be what I thought others wanted… wondering if I would ever find a way to find that financial and time freedom I had been working for.

Three Simple Steps Changed Everything for Me...

You might be where I was... so frustrated by all the "expert' advice... the "start a business" offers that ask you to pay thousands to get started with their programs... or the "opportunities" that look great but turn out to be you spending hours a day on phone calls trying to sell to your friends and family or just don't work.

So let me share one big secret to success in your own business with you before I tell you the three steps...

Ready for it?

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You've got to unlock your inner awesome and elevate it because YOU are the most important part of your business!

I know, that might sound like a weird "secret" to success. But the truth is, the right business for you is the one that you're passionate about... no matter what you've been told. Your skills, your ideas, and your passion MATTER.

When I finally let go of the idea that I had to fit into someone else's mold, magic happened. In just 3 months I brought in close to $50,000 and was able to cut out a full day of work so I could have more time with my family.

I've now put together into a simple system that you can use to get clear on the business that's right for you, what your vision and goals are, how to create your irresistable offers, and skyrocket your reach and sales so that you can help those who need your products and services most.

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And give you back your TIME... you know the reason you wanted to launch this business in the first place!

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Offers that Convert is a 100% digital, on demand program - so you get access as soon as you decide to sign up, and can work through the videos and PDFs at your own pace.

I've now put together into a simple system that you can use to:

Get crystal clear on the business that's right for you -- so you can build a business and life you truly love

Define what your vision and goals are -- and map out the exact plan that will get you to those goals

Create your irresistable offers -- that'll you be excited to share with the people you can help most

Skyrocket your reach and sales with free organic strategies -- so you aren't spending even more money on ads or software before you're profitable

Help those who need your products and services most -- because that's what we believe business is really all about... making a positive impact while you make a great income!

Here Are the Three Simple Steps:

Step 1

Get Clear

on Your Vision

& Daily Actions

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You've got to be CLEAR on what you want to create in your business and why. So in Step 1 you'll discover:

How to create a clear vision for your business

The most important question you've got to ask yourself if you want to succeed

How to SPEED UP your results

The specific, proven DAILY practices that will grow your business like crazy

Step 2

Create Your Irresistable

3 Tiered Offer

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Next, you need an irresistable offer that works for different levels of clients so let's break down your 3-tier offer:

The 3-tiered offer framework that gets "YES!" from more people

Understanding the transformation and "gap" to explain the value in what you offer

Tips to package and deliver your offer easily and quickly

Bonus: How to Price Your Offer

Step 3

Design Your Money Map

& Your Message

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Finally, you need a MAP to your MONEY goals so you understand how to grow your business and where to focus:

Discover our one-of-a-kind "Money Map" numbers and messaging

Understanding the transformation and "gap" to explain the value in what you offer

Tips to package and deliver your offer easily and quickly

Bonus: How to Price Your Offer

You've Got Qs? We've Got As...

We know it can be scary to invest in online programs. So here are answers to the questions we get most often... and if you've got any others, just reach out and we're happy to answer! support@thepreparedperformer.com

How do I access this program? Can I start right away?

Offers that Convert is delivered 100% online. So you don't have to wait for anything to arrive snail mail. As soon as you make the decision to join us, you'll get access to all three steps plus a few bonuses!

Is this "dripped" out over time so I have to wait? How long do I have to complete it?

This program is self paced and on demand which means you can work through the modules on your schedule, any day or time that works for you. You can go as fast or as slow as you choose. The content is yours so you won't lose access if you don't complete it fast enough. We know everyone moves as different speeds and that's cool with us.

Am I locked into a monthly subscription payment?

Absolutely not! This is a one-time payment. You won't be billed anything else. Unless you decide to join us in another program after you finish this one (and tell us to bill your card again). ;)

Will this work if I don't have an idea what kind of business I want yet?

Yep! Step 1 will help you create a vision for a business and decide what model is best for you.

What if I've already started my business? Is this for me?

Awesome! Step 1 will help you get even clearer on your missions and message, and speed up your results. Steps 2 and 3 will help you sell more of what you offer to more of the right people and reach your goals faster!

What if I have questions or need support?

While ongoing support isn't included in this program, please know you can hop into our free Facebook group or email us and we'll point you in the right direction.

Still on the Fence?

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Yep, I get it. You're wondering if it'll work for you. You're wondering if you'll do the work. You're wondering if it's really worth it...

It's worth it. I wouldn't trade the financial and time freedom my business has given me for the world.

I don't miss important moments with my kids anymore. I don't worry about how we'll pay for braces or sports or family vacations. And I don't question whether what I do matters because I know I'm making a difference.

I don't share that with you to brag, but to inspire you to know it's possible for you, too!

Check out what real clients have shared about our programs:

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"Molly's Lost Her Mind!" Guarantee

We know this program will help you confidently launch your online business. So Molly's offering a money-back guarantee.

If you're not satisfied within 30 days of purchase, we will give you a complete refund as long as you've watched the foundational training videos, and implemented at least 50% of the material. We believe in this program and can't wait to support you!

It's Your Time...

Launch Your Online Business

with Offers that Convert



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