Want to create high converting AI content... without getting caught up in infomation overload?

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If you are tired of the social media merry go round...

If you are ready for a content system that brings in qualified leads...

If you are TIRED of comparing your stats to someone elses vanity metrics...

If you are tired of fluffy trending sounds, and you want REAL RESULTS...

This AI Membership Will Help You to



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GET accountability and access to:

The Ai Content Club Training Portal

Monthly Content Writing Implementation Parties

Prompts for Social, Website, Email, SMS and More!

A community of people who like to have FUN while turning their message into a movement

Access to 3+ years of Ai Content Club Recordings

Bonus Monthly Workshops, Ai-ify Your Funnel, Building Your Own AI Tools, Ai-ify Your Podcast and more!

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Valued at over $2997 but you get in for waaaay less!

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WHY trust me To Help You with

AI Content Creation?

First of all... I've been teaching AI Content Creation Since January of 2021 - before most people knew it existed!


When I first launched my coaching business I was an entrepreneur going in so many directions, it was like I had a pile of Busy Balls. Struggling, missing my vision, and getting stuck on the hamster wheel.

Surrounded by opportunities, I felt like I had opened a bottle of social media champagne and didn't know how to scoop it up and put it back into the bottle.

I get it. I've been there.

And, I'll show you how this simple end-to-end system has helped our clients avoid this trap breakthrough to that next level.

Since implementing this content system… here are some of the results that have happened for me and my company.

I went from teaching singing and dancing lessons to...

Speaking on stages like…

Social Media Marketing World, Traffic & Conversion, and Perry Belcher's Ai Bot Summit

Getting paid to host shows for...

ManyChat, Be.Live, and running a speaking coaching program with Les Brown.

I've been featured in magazines like…

Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur, and Forbes.

Even more importantly...

We've helped several clients to hit their first 6 figure year, 7 figure year, and even supported in a 7 figure week.

Our social media, and automation clients have include amazing humans like Jeff Walker, Les Brown, Selena Soo, and Jennifer Kem.

Plus... my company, The Prepared Performer, has collected multiple millions in revenue.

And the biggest deal?

Our clients get to spend more time with their loved ones, while running businesses that bring them JOY.

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most of the "guru's" won't show you why their content converts

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We give you more than just the examples and the framework.

We dive into the intention and the objective behind each step so you can begin to create your own specific marketing plan that works for your business and your life!

Content Creation Foundations

Strategic Organic Frameworks

Monthly co-working sessions where I help you write content that is relevate and ready to post.


When it comes to creating content... most people either think only about the sale, or they use a plug and play system without looking at their own business and life...

We help you shift the focus to what matters. Time/Money Freedom, results for your clients, and sales so you can make a bigger impact!

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Bonus AI Repurposing

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BONUS AI prompts & Templates

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How does it work?

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You get access to the training portal

Right away you'll get access to a full content creation course that will show you our full system for creating content that converts into leads.

We combine the magic of your OWN HUMAN BRAIN, plus TRUSTED FRAMEWORKS, and we sprinkle in some AI Copywriting magic to speed it up!

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we meet Once a month and batch create content

We call this session a Content Party because we legit come on ready to PARTY.

And, I show you the moves you need to use in order to create the best content for exactly where your business is RIGHT NOW.

You can use ChatGPT, or any AI tool you'd like!

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you post content bringing in leads and sales

You leave each monthly call with a full slew of social media posts!

From podcast episodes to blog posts... we've got you covered!

And then... use your favorite follow up or sales conversion techiniques to turn your content into leads and sales!

Your ideal clients will be nice and toasty warm because this content sets you up for success!

Am I locked into a subscription?

Nope! You can cancel at any time. We just need 30 Days Notice.

If you want to stop your membership for any reason, please send our team an email at molly@thepreparedperformer.com before your trial ends to let us know!

What types of business and products does this work for?

Answer Literally anything from Coaches, to EComm, to Non-Profits. I will say... we work best with Mission-Based business owners who are experts in their field.

Do I need Specific Tools?

These strategies will work with most AI tools. ChatGPT is the most prominently suggested tool. We may suggest others tools to make things easier and more fun, but they aren't required.

What if I already use Jasper or another CopyAI tool?

This comes up often and you definitely don't "neeeeed" any of the tools we suggest. You can use another copywriting tool, or your own brain! The system is the same no matter what.


My guarantee to you is that these strategies, when implemented, will increase your engagement. It make take a little testing and tweaking... and, I know when you take action, you’ll get results.

If you don't feel what you've learned in this course is worth your investment, just send us an email within 7 days and we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.



Molly Mahoney (known as The Prepared Performer) is a Social Selling Innovator who specializes in creating authentic video content and leveraging organic social, AI, and chat automation marketing to skyrocket client sales.

After creating a video that reached one million people organically, she developed her signature “Go Live And Monetize” method. It combines her social media expertise, talent for scaling one-on-one relationships, and twenty years of performance experience on stages from New York to Las Vegas. Combining her social media expertise, and twenty years of performance experience on stages from New York to Las Vegas, her most recent viral video hit a reach of 39 million! Molly has been featured by Be.live, ManyChat, Social Media Marketing World, Traffic & Conversion Summit, Perry Belcher, Rich Schefren's Steal our Winners, Inc magazine, Forbes, Entrepreneur and more.

Her Children's book Finding My Awesome allows kiddos of all ages to celebrate their unique sense of awesome and live a life of confidence and joy.

When she’s not helping her clients attract a flood of leads, you can find her singing jazz with her bass-playing husband or teaching her kids #stand4joy from their home in California.

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