Create A Vision Board Map and Action Plan For a Life and a Business

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Have you hit a level of success and yet, you know there is something bigger and more amazing waiting for you?

Do you struggle to identify what it is... and how to get there?

Do you find yourself glossing over your current wins, like the are no longer a big deal?

Are you ready to make 2022 the year things really come together so you can make a bigger impact?

I've been there, and I have great news!

There is something waiting for you. Something so much more amazing than you can even imagine. And it's just around the corner, if you are brave enough to claim it and decide to allow the goodness to unfold.

I was a self proclaimed work-aholic.

A young mom with 10... that's right... TEN jobs at once. Everything from teaching crocheting lessons to kids at a yarn store, to directing children's theater, to running a confidence program for the City of La Habra's recreational department. LOL

I had a pile of busy balls and no clue how to drop them without everything falling apart.

In 2016 I decided something bigger and more expansive was possible. I set a goal and a clear vision of a life and business that I would love and launched an online course.

I was committed to this success - or something better.

Guess what... it was a total failure. No Sales. And, it was one of the greatest things that ever happened to me.

Because I had set a clear vision and taken action steps to get there... the real dream was waiting right around the corner.

I dug in, reached out to my coaches and mentors, recalibrated, and made one little shift that turned into $50k in sales in just 3 months.

From that moment on... I knew more was possible.

I continued to set bigger goals and dive in and recalibrate..

Worked with coaches to push me to see what was possible, because no one does this alone...

And, while I was hitting pretty amazing levels of success, building a team, making an impact... something was still missing.

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In December of 2020 I decided to start sharing a portion of my vision publicly.

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This allowed me to really commit and decide that big things were about to happen.

In fact... they were already happening. Now, looking back on that vision I sit in awe knowing that so many things on that list have already happened, just one year later.

A published Children's book, worked with mentors who I'd considered heros, hit a million dollars in collected revenue and so much more.

I realized there was a framework I was using to make this success a reality and began sharing it with our highest level clients. AND their Dream Life/Biz Vision started to come to life as well.

The Powerful Possibilities became a reality.

After seeing so many true experts struggle with setting that vision and developing a clear plan that doesn't feel like a full time job... I'm making this available for anyone who is willing to step up and DECIDE more is possible.

Now, I’m happy to share you can finally create A Vision Board Map and Action Plan For a Life and a Business You Love. I’ve put together something special just for you.

Introducing... Powerful Possibilities!

In this program you'll learn how to create a Vision Board Map and Action Plan for a life and business that you love.

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Powerful Possibilities

The step-by-step Vision Map and Action Plan for busy entrepreneurs who want an easy way to quickly uplevel their success path at a rapid pace.

Here's What You'll Get When You Sign Up...

Clarity in your vision, so you identify and see your "this or something better."

An Action plan to make the life and business of your dreams a reality so you can... Feel inspired, energized and excited about your future potential.

Triple A Acceleration framework to speed up the time in which you uplevel and complete goals.

A system for tracking the data as you implement your plan so you can gain confidence and faith in your abilities as you start to succeed.

A process for reclibrating your goals as your Dream starts to become a reality... and a whole ton more!

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Here's Everything You Get...

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Powerful Vision Map

Define the big Impact you want to make in the world so your Vision becomes crystal clear. ($100 Value)

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Your Vision in Action

This powerful trick for staying in action and recording your action steps will allow you to see exactly how far you've come, and recalibrate along the way. ($100 Value)

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Tripple A Acceleration

The key to achieving results at a rapid pace. ($47 Value)



And, we are throwing in extra goodies just for you, because we want you to put these steps into ACTION and see your powerful possibilities come to LIFE!

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Printable Calendar Compass

($27 Value)

This Printable Google Doc Guide will give you a clear daily, weekly, and monthly plan.

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Daily Vision Checkin Calibration Tool

($47 Value)

Track and see the results of your actions as you move toward your dreams!


Get the Whole Program Today

For what you feel your Dream is WORTH TO YOU,

and support those who have lost their homes due to natural disasters.

All proceeds will benefit the Cascade Relief Team.

Cascade Relief Team is a 501(c)3 nonprofit crisis-driven organization that is dedicated to empowering communities to come together in the midst of devastation. Their team focuses on providing essential items and resources to victims of natural disasters and helping them to rebuild their lives while surrounded by a loving community.

Founded by one of our GLAM members, I've seen first hand the impact they've made. We are so thrilled to be supporting them as they help so many.

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My "Possibilty" Guarantee!

I know you are going to absolutely fall in love with this process! In fact, you may find that you are a full possibilitarian" by the time you are done. If you aren't happy with the training within 7 days, or I'll send back every penny you paid.

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