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Build Your Audience and Boost Your Sales Using Facebook Live

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Content Planning Call

Want to have your first month of content planned for you?

For a limited time...

Molly is offering the chance to get your content planned FOR YOU at a drastically discounted rate.

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Mini Course Blueprint Call

Are you ready to impact your clients even more with your own mini-courses?

Want a blueprint that will give you the structure you need to create it from start to finish?

You are in luck.

This Mini Course Blueprint Call will support you with organizing your content into a ready-to-go structure to follow so that you can build your mini-course with ease.
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Create your own unique omnipresent video marketing plan so you can get clients with video!

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SINCE TAKING THE CAMERA CONFIDENCE CLASS WITH MOLLY, MY BUSINESS HAS CHANGED DRASTICALLY! Right after completing the class I felt confident enough to do unboxing live sales once a week. My sales went from 5 - 10 pieces sold to 15 - 30 pieces sold, and it is growing every week! Seriously I owe it all to the Camera Confidence class." Judy Espana, LulaRoe Consultant

“Not only has Molly helped me through all the tech stuff that goes with going live on Facebook, she's prepared me mentally, helped me come up with great topics, create FB ads around my FB Live shows and helped me reach audiences I never thought I would. It's given me confidence and the processes I needed to shine online.”

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