Finally a Fun, Easy system for creating content that converts into sales!

The Content Club

Molly's Monthly Content Club Party

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Here's what you'll get when you decide to Dance with Jarvis.

When you join the club

Everything Below is included when you join The Content Creation Club.

Content That Converts Training

Monthly Content Writing Parties

Social, Website, Email, SMS, Templates

A community of people who like to have FUN while turning their message into a movement

Social Round Up: Monthly updates on what is changing in the world of social media

Access to MollStars Marketing - Social Media trainings that were once sold for $47 a month

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This offer will not last forever... for reals.

The price to join will be going up again Soon!

The price will be going up for this group in the future. If you join via this link you'll be grandfathered in to the future versions.

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Monthly Content Party

Easy Monthly Payments

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Content That Converts Training and Guide

FREE! $497

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Social Round Ups

FREE! $197

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Access to MollSTARS Marketing Recordings

FREE! $497

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Easy Jarvis Tips, Tricks, and Frameworks!

FREE! $2,388

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Community of Awesome Humans!

FREE! $2,997

Who is Jasper?

Jasper is our favorite AI copywriting assistant! He will literally write content for you! AND, our system will show you how to make it easy peasy. You'll literally feel like you are dancing with Jarvis!

Get a Jasper trial by clicking the button below.

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What others are saying

Don't take our word for it, hear from real members who have been out on the content writing dance floor!


In case you're wondering

Am I locked into a subscription?

Nope! You can cancel at any time. We just need 30 Days Notice.

What types of products does this work for?

Literally anything from Coaches, to EComm, to Non-Profits. I will say... we work best with Mission-Based business owners who are experts in their field.

How long does is this available?

The price will be going up, but when you get in - you lock this rate!

Do I need other tools?

Jarvis is the most prominently suggested tool. We may suggest others tools to make things easier and more fun, but they aren't required.

Why do I need Jasper?

Um... he's the greatest invention on the internet? And... our templates and strategies are going to be based off of using his help to do things more efficiently. If you'd like to join without Jasper, that works too!

What if I already use Jarvis or another CopyAI tool?

This comes up often and you definitely don't "neeeeed" this tool. You can use another copywriting tool, or your own brain! The system is the same for both.

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Show Up & Get Clients Video Kickstart

Show Up & Get Clients 5 Day Video Kickstart

In this video kickstart, I'll show you step by step how to create a video marketing plan in just 5 days and start getting clients fast! You will lay out the key steps to get started with your own unique video marketing plan.
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Social Sales STAR

Turn your content into SALES.  Learn our Full Social Selling System, everything from how to create and position your offer to follow up and Sales so you can Sell More Of Your Products and Services in Less Time without Crazy Funnels or Tech Turmoil! 
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